Sonic's Story

  • Just two girls who love flowers.

    Who became friends.

    Who became business partners.

    Who opened a floral studio.

Sonic Bloom stands intentional and committed to how we show up in the world. The quality of every single bloom and relationship that connects with Sonic Bloom is a small, but invaluable, component in our outstanding products and services.

We are dedicated to creating exceptional floral designs and experiences that capture the entire spectrum of human emotion. Sonic Bloom is deeply rooted in the belief and practice of kindness and respect. This extends beyond our interactions with people and the community to our committment to honour and respect the Earth.

Sonic Bloom is exploding with creativity ard passion. There is no hiding our weirdness and zest for the unique. We show up real, stay real, and value others' trueness as much as our own.

This is just the beginning.

  • Bio

    With a nickname like Bee, it’s no surprise she has always been drawn to flowers. From searching for the first sight of crocuses in early spring, the rock gardens planted on the family farm where she grew up, to her first job as a florist in small town Oyen, Alberta, flowers have always been there. The passion for pursuing a career in the floral industry has been supported and nurtured by many in her life, and after 14 years in the industry, she is incredibly excited to be opening her own floral studio, Sonic BLOOM, with her fellow fabulous floral friend, Kaley.

    She is a wife, a plant hoarder and a mom of two fur babies and a sassy lizard. She is caffeine dependent, Disney obsessed and incredibly blessed.

    Faith, family and flowers...what more could you possibly need?

  • Bio

    Growing up in the forests of Bragg Creek, Alberta, refined her love of plants, homebody personality and zest for crazy ideas. To this day she lives in awe of the inner workings of plants as well as their outward beauty. Her journey to flowers has been long and full of detours, including a Psychology degree, two crazy amazing boys, and years of not having a “thing”. Stumbling upon floral design during her horticulture certificate she pursues (at a leisurely pace) planted the seed.

    A floral design certificate and three years in the industry started her floral story. Sonic BLOOM represents a freedom for family and a space to push creative boundaries as well as an epic adventure. She would choose no one other than Bee, her best botanical babe, to be on with!

    Kaley cannot curb her enthusiasm when it comes to nature, insects, animals, botany, fungi, sustainability, gardening, dirt – the list goes on! The 80’s/90's, anything weird, and atrocious reality TV also make her faves list. She will never turn down a coffee (or energy in a can) and will absolutely get an impromptu tattoo, however will not order unfamiliar food while out. She’s strange, she’s loud, but she always appreciates the quiet beauty of flowers.

Sonic's Story